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Where Angels Play

A beautiful boy Photo Courtesy of: Veal family album

SOMETIMES, AN EMAIL grabs you and haunts you. And as you try to get your head around it you wonder how the person who wrote it gets themselves through the day. Wonder how they cope with the horror and the pain and the suffering that has been foisted on them.

This is such an email:

 ‘Hi Derryn

My name is Casey Veal. My son Zayden was brutally murdered June 15th, 2012. His murderer and ice addict Harley Hicks is likely to receive life but with a minimum as he is only 21.  My beautiful son was only 10.5 months old. I miss him daily...

His story and my public nightmare was played through the media quite often. Whilst we have finalised the fight for justice we also wish now to share his legacy as well.

To help erase all of the bad and horrible memories we, as his family  and a community, wish to raise funds to have a playground built in his honour ‘where angels play’.

Providing a happy, safe place for grieving parents as well as ourselves'. 

Then, Zayden’s mum so politely outlines a fund-raising market day in Bendigo on Sunday, October 5.

‘I am contacting you to see if you would be interested or able to run a piece to help promote this cause. Thank you so much for your time’.

gained their wings

Casey, consider it done. It’s called Zayden’s Army Market Fundraiser. It’s at Weeroona College, White Hills from 10a.m. to 3p.m. Entry is a gold coin.

There’ll be live music, face painting, raffles, a jumping castle, swing chairs and more than 40 stalls.

The message: ‘Raising funds to build a playground in memory of Zayden and all children that have gained their wings’.

A place ‘where angels play’. Click here for more details. 



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