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This Is Wrong

A crippled system Photo Courtesy of: kidsthesedays.org

TO PROVE A POINT about a shocking, and ongoing, legal injustice, I want you to imagine a couple of cruel and bizarre scenarios.

Imagine if one of Robert Farquharson’s  three sons had survived that murderous Father’s Day plunge into a lake and a judge ruled that the father’s mental state meant he could not be found guilty of murder or attempted murder.

Imagine if a judge ruled Arthur Freeman could not be found guilty of the murder of his daughter Darcey because of his mental state after he threw her off the West Gate Bridge.

Then imagine both killers being put on a 12-month community-based order and then both requesting access: Farquharson to the surviving son and Freeman to the other frightened kids who saw him murder their sister.

Imagine the absolute terror for the other parent and the children? Couldn’t happen, right?  It is happening in the notorious infanticide case of a Melbourne mother who killed one little daughter and injured her twin sister so badly she is brain-damaged, sight-impaired, and confined to a wheelchair.

This is the case where the mother had her name suppressed and her dead daughter’s name suppressed (and the surviving twin’s name suppressed) even though the baby’s grieving father rightly feels the court-ordered censorship has robbed his dead child of her identity.

backing the killer’s bid

This is the case where I received a court warning, and had to remove  from this website, a photo of the little victim in a wheelchair with her face obscured.

The Department of Human Services is backing the killer’s bid to gain access to her surviving daughter. And it gets worse.

The department, reportedly, has issued the father an ultimatum that if he does not agree  to a plan that allows the mother access, it will try to extend a supervision order over the surviving girl (we know as ‘Alex’) who is now 2-1/2 and her brother  who is now four.

DHS has been pushing the parents to work together on what the pen-pushers call a ‘co-ordinated therapeutic plan’ to reintroduce the mother to her surviving children.

Have they no shame?  No sense of awareness of the pain the father and his family have gone through and are still going through?

And remember --  because the  family does --  this is the woman so mentally disturbed that she could avoid punishment for her heinous crimes, who told nurses the babies’ bruises may have been self-inflicted or caused by their other sister or by their brother. So she was sane enough to try to shift the blame.

And those are the siblings the authorities are now trying to help the mother get regular access to? It is madness.  It is  jackbooted bureaucracy gone  out of control.

publicly opposed access

I have mentioned this case several times in the past six months, especially after the father’s plaintive request to be allowed to publicly identify his daughters was rejected by the courts.

The Community Services Minister, Mary Wooldridge, has publicly opposed access for the mother and says DHS  has not and will not seek to vary the order prohibiting access to the children by the mother.

But  Alex’s uncle is quoted in  the Herald Sun  saying :‘ I would say  to the Minister, I’m sorry, but you are wrong. It is there in black and white’.

The courts didn’t give this  poor family a break. It’s beyond time for DHS to back off. And if they haven’t got something shifty up their sleeve why has DHS been arranging meetings between the mother (aka the killer) and the medical specialists of the girl she tried to kill, as a prelude to a meeting.

And how would the meeting go? ‘Hi, Alex, remember me?  I’m the  mummy who tried to bash you to death.’




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