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Runs, But Can’t Hide

Sig in a wig Photo Courtesy of: Kate Jones, Channel 7

HE MAY WELL TRY to flee court incognito in a fright wig, but former music teacher Sigmund Sokolowski can’t outrun his sordid past.

I’ve written about this predatory child molester on this website, and talked about him on 3AW, since 2008.

He was back in court today facing more charges involving indecent assaults on teenage girls and once again he avoided jail. Even though he is on the serious sex offenders register for life.

It’s amazing, in fact it is a judicial joke, that a couple of character witnesses – and the fact you’ve played trombone with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – can help you escape being locked up.

And, believe me, this serial paedophile should be behind bars. Even on his most recent court appearance there is the smell of plea-bargaining. I know of one rape he committed against a young girl at Wesley College in 1987 that Sokolowski has not been held accountable for. I have met his victim.

In fact, I know of at least twenty victims at five schools, including Wesley and Emmaus College.

start teaching elsewhere

More than once, to several schools’ shame, the popular music teacher avoided  prosecution by being quietly asked to leave and start teaching elsewhere. And his abuse of female students started all over again.

Back in 2008, Magistrate Sue Wakeling gave Sokolowski (or Sokolowsky as he once spelled it) community service and said she was taking into account his age and good standing in the community.

I wrote then: ‘What good standing? This predator has been preying on young girls for decades. His sleazy reputation and abuse of positions of authority have been known in the music industry for years. And if some school principals had had the guts to come forward then, not only would his true character have been revealed but dozens of other victims could have been protected’.

Magistrate Wakeling also acknowledged the ‘contribution’ that Sokolowski had made to Victoria's music community, and said as a result of his guilty plea he would lose a vocation and livelihood ‘that has been of overwhelming significance in your life over many years’.

Not true. What had been of overwhelming significance in this man’s life was  the hunt for new teenage conquests. He’d tell parents that their daughter was incredibly talented. That he could bring out that talent. But, here was the bait, he had to tutor their girl at his home because there was no room in the school’s timetable.

an absolute sleazebag

I wrote about Sig Sokolowski as he now calls himself again in May, 2012, when I posed this question:

‘How can a man, a predator, an absolute sleazebag, who is on the Sexual Offenders Register for life be umpiring Under-18s football for the VAFA? He did. On Saturday at Brens Oval at Parkville. He was field umpire in the game between Banyule and Fitzroy’.

There are more victims out there. They’ll be over 30 now and have daughters of their own. Today’s court news may prompt them to go to police. More charges should follow and maybe this time he’ll go to jail.

And, by the way, this is what Siggy looks like without the wig  he wore to  avoid the Channel 7 cameras.


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