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Misguided Compassion

Death threat on Facebook Photo Courtesy of: UK Police

YOU’LL BE DEPRESSED, but not surprised, to read that do-gooders in Britain are as out of touch with reality, and as soft on young criminals, as many of our courts are here. Ain’t compassion grand?

There was a terrible case recently where a 15-year-old schoolboy stabbed his teacher seven times in front of his classmates and then calmly sat down at his desk.

After the murder, the teenager said he ‘couldn't give a shit’ and ‘everything I've done is fine and dandy’.

To make this case even worse, Will Cornick had told other students what he planned to do and nobody reported it to teachers or sounded the alarm.

He boasted to friends that he was going to kill 61-year-old Ann Maguire, at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, and others -- including a pregnant teacher and her unborn child.

On  Facebook, two months before the killing, Cornick said of his teacher: ‘The one absolute fucking bitch that deserves more than death, more than pain, torture and more than anything that we can understand’.

He later told doctors: ‘I said I was going to do other stuff but I never got the chance. Other murders. It was meant to be a triple homicide’.

Mr. Justice Coulson described the murder as a ‘monumental act of cowardice and evil’ and sentenced the young killer to a minimum of 20 years behind bars.  He warned Cornick he might never be released.

knickers in a knot

And that’s what got the do-gooders’ knickers in a knot.

Penelope Gibbs, who chairs the Standing Committee for Youth Justice, said the sentence was too harsh.

She told BBC Radio: ‘We are out of line with the whole of western Europe. There are no other countries within western Europe which give children - and this boy is seen as a child under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and is in the youth justice system - who would give children a life sentence’. Maybe they should.

Ms Gibbs agreed the sentence had to serve as a punishment, but said there was ‘no evidence’ for the 20-year minimum tariff. (Apparently, in Britain, the usual minimum for such a crime by a youth is 12 years.)

Judge Coulson specifically said he had increased the normal minimum tariff of 12 years because of the nature of the brutal attack and the teenager’s ‘total and chilling lack of remorse’.

The ‘youth justice’ campaigner conceded: ‘Punishment is also incredibly important, particularly for the victims and families, but the fact is, how many years do we need for punishment? We have given him a sentence which is more than his own lifetime.

‘He was 15 when he did this crime and we would say that you don't need that long to punish’.

I’d say you do.  Also, any person who could commit such a crime may never be sane enough or safe enough to be released.

wanted to be in jail

This was calculated, premeditated murder. Cornick was old enough to know what he was doing. Ann Maguire is no less dead because the person wielding that knife was only 15 years old.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney told the court how Cornick described his murder plan to a psychiatrist: ‘I decided on Sunday it was going to be a knife. I thought I was just going to go to school and wait for her lesson and do it. I wanted to get caught. That’s why I did it in school. I wanted to be in jail’.

He took a bottle of whisky to school ‘to celebrate after’ and winked at a classmate before launching the fatal assault.

If Cornick does serve the minimum, he’ll still be only 36 years old when released. Young enough to go to night school. Scary.



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