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Beverley Hills Hotel

Hooray for Hollywood! Nothing should shock you about this place. Ask Fatty Arbuckle or Errol Flynn if either were still alive. It is bizarre but it is exciting. And The Beverly Hills hotel on Sunset Boulevard probably sums it up as much as the fabled Hollywood sign.


My best memory of this place is when actress Brenda Vacarro (Midnight Cowboy etc) dropped to her knees in the foyer and in simulated oral sex begged me to get her a movie in Australia. I hasten to add that we had met before.


The Beverly Hills hotel and its legendary Polo Lounge deserve all the kudos. Sure, it sometimes looks like a plastic surgeons’ convention. And there are fat old cigar smoking men with young blondes who think they will be the next Nicole Kidman. But that’s Hollywood. Anybody can dream. Look at Naomi Watts and King Kong.


And you overhear conversations of blowhards saying “and then Michael Caine told me this”. But… it’s Hollywood.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is the best place to stay in this town. I mean, this IS Sunset Boulevard. Style, tradition and great comfortable rooms, And I paid for mine. Some stars live in villas here permanently.

It is an unbelievable world of glamour. They have a swarm of staff. I must admit I made the worst choice for lunch but then there was a touch of circadian dysrhythmia (jet leg) having just arrived from Australia. I ordered the “Donald Trump meat loaf” with garlic mash. If he designed it then my answer is: “You’re fired”. It was claggy, it was too rich, it was not a good lunch dish.

But the Polo Lounge has, surprisingly, heaps of other, not expensive, lunch dishes. Despite its toffy reputation, they serve burgers and rotisseried chicken sandwiches and steaks. And great seeded crispy lavoche. The wine list isn’t a rip off either.

It is seeped in history. Stay there.

If you are going to LA – a freeway in search of a city -- then go to a real piece of ritzy LA. Bel Air and Beverly Hills are two awesomely indulgent places in this world. Expensive but a heckuva experience. And that’s even without Brenda Vacarro.

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