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The Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos

Better Late Than Never

They held the world premiere of the latest Aussie movie Kings of Mykonos – Wog Boy 2  at the Jam Factory in Melbourne last night but the distributors Paramount Pictures were hardly the Kings of  Chapel Street. The movie was meant to start at 7p.m. sharp. They said. It didn’t. They kept guests waiting in their seats an hour before it finally started at 8 o’clock – an hour late. And no explanation.

In those circumstances, with a frustrated, hungry audience, it was a challenge for  the original Wog Boys – Nick Giannopolous and Vince Colosomo – to get any laughs.

The fact that they did, shows Kings of Mykonos will be a hit. I predict it will out gross the original Wog Boy from ten years ago. And at $13 million it was one of the most successful Aussie movies of all time. I’m biased because I was in it.

Kings of Mykonos is a plausible sequel. Giannopolous, Colosimo and  Alex Dimitriadis work well together. They have a stunning setting on the fabled Greek isle to work with and it is beautifully filmed.

Giannopolous has labored long and hard to get this movie up and it has some good and fresh and topical lines. There’s a fugitive drug runner with a bad wig…

And when they joke about Greek-onomics and hopeless family businesses with spongeing cousins they couldn’t have known that this month  Greece would be a timely basket case.

Sure, you have to suspend disbelief. And some of the gags are telegraphed. But it is a slick, fast-moving movie. Although I didn’t get the final Mamma Mia moment. The slowest, dullest moments were in that hour we just sat in a theatre waiting for it to start.

One nit-pick. Mr. Giannopolous…Even a wog boy like Steve Karamitsis would know what you do with rose petals in a bouzoukia.

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