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I went into a time tunnel over the weekend. Back forty, forty-five years  Saturday night was the opening night of Jersey Boys. A great night. And I’ll get back to that. And then yesterday a lot of memories from forty years ago, from 1969. You may have seen the lead story in the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun’s  Focus section. I was writing my memories of the liftoff of Apollo 11 –on man’s first voyage to the surface of the moon.  That was 40 years ago on July 16 and a young Hinch was there to broadcast that historic event live from Cape Kennedy.

Actually, we’ve put together a CD of that amazing moment in time and it will be released on Friday. You can find out more about it here soon on hinch.net.

But back to Jersey Boys. An easy one for headline writers. What A Night. It’s the  story of Franki Valli and The Four Seasons. Their lives from teenage delinquency in New Jersey, to dangerous ties with the mob, as they became  one of the hottest groups in America. In the world.

And this production does them justice. The Aussie Four Seasons prove they are men for all seasons. Bobby Fox as Franki Valli is phenomenal but it’s almost unfair to single him out from Scott Johnson, Glaston Toft and Stephen Mahy who plays Bob Gaudio. The brilliant songwriter who wrote hit after hit that filled the Princess Theatre Saturday night. Gaudio was sitting just behind us and I thought it must be weird to see yourself portrayed up there.

This is the best musical to hit this town for a long time. It’s not just a concert of hit song after hit song strung together with a few hook words. It has a real story.  And it works a treat.

Worked for me. Chanel bought me a surround sound system and a new turntable for my last birthday. Yesterday I rummaged through my vinyl collection and dug out a double album from 1980 – nearly 30 years ago -- called Franki Valli and the Four Seasons reunited LIVE.

And I played it and played it. Well… in the Sixties I DID live in North Boigin, New Joisey.

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