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Facts About a Fantasy

That's Showbiz - iFantasia the musical
iFantasia at The Palms at Crown opens Jan 2013 Photo Courtesy of: N/A

It’s not often that I will use from a media release. And even more rarely that I’ll almost quote one in full.  But I am excited and proud of a  showbiz media release that is going out later today. Because it concerns a new musical coming to Melbourne in January.

It will have its world premiere at The Palms at Crown.

The press release appears under the headline Showbiz News Flash and mentions ‘ facts about a fantasy’.  You’ll soon understand why I am doing this.

It says:

Announcing an exciting new theatrical adventure for Melbourne.  It should make headlines because it involves the Human Headline.

Derryn Hinch, Dennis Smith & Associates have signed an agreement for the world premiere of a truly 21st century musical called iFantasia at The Palms at Crown.

It is a love story of old, transformed into the new world of iPhones and iPads. Set in a place where a young girl’s dreams can possibly still come true. That handsome prince just could be out there.

It’s a family show and opens at The Palms during the January school holidays.  It will feature several of the best known stars of Australian stage and television.

iFantasia was written by veteran 3AW broadcaster and author Derryn Hinch. He also wrote the lyrics with music by the brilliant Peter Sullivan of Up There Cazaly fame.

Ann Peacock, Crown General Manager of Public Relations, said: ‘We are excited to be involved in the premiere season of iFantasia during the January 2013 school holidays. This show will   surprise you. You won’t believe this is written by the Derryn Hinch we know… or thought we knew’.

Hinch said: ‘I’ve had a lot of pleasure out of writing a lot of books. But to have your words jump off the page and appear spoken on stage is a fantasy in itself. And then to have it set to music is stunning. I’m thrilled my musical will make its first appearance at Crown. And to have Dennis Smith on board is great. He’s had big successes recently with Guys and Dolls, Dusty and Shout - the Johnny O’Keefe story’.

And , as they say, that’s show business.

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